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You're invited to join us Sundays at 10 am!

Everyone is welcome. Come as you are...

Important COVID Information, updated as of August 25, 2021:

There are currently no COVID restrictions for churches; however we as staff want to be aware that there are different levels of comfort with meeting together inside in a pretty small space; and because of the new mask regulations for public spaces and schools, we are adhering to the following guidelines:

  • Masks are required for those age 12 and up, until you are seated. 
  • We will also keep the windows open for more ventilation.
  • we will have hand santizer available
  • Please be considerate about giving people space before running in for a hug as people have different levels of comfort, especially as we now gather inside.

Kids: There will be a kids program for 6 months old -Grade 5(ish), during the whole gathering. For CityLights Kids in the Lower Level:

  • CityLights Kids is planning our COVID safety protocols in line with public schools.
  • Masks will be required for the CityLights Kids Team and any adults (parents) entering the space. 
  • Masks are required for kids age 9 and older, and recommended for kids younger than 9.  
  • We will continue our cleaning and disinfecting protocols, including offering hand sanitizer throughout the program

*NOTE: if you have confusion or concern around these new guidelines, feel free to contact Pastor Paul or one of the other staff. We do understand these aren't easy times, but do want to emphasize safety, not fear, as we gather with people of all beliefs & backgrounds.

What is a Gathering like?

We hope that everyone feels welcome when we gather together. We do our best to explain why we do what we do, so everyone feels included. Our gatherings involve singing, prayer, relevant Bible teaching for everyday life, and communion.

We exist to know Jesus and make him known in everyday life — together. More than religious routines, we want to know Jesus and walk with his Spirit.

— We aren't just about "going" to church but want to "be" the church.

— We believe the Bible is our authority as God's Word for us.

— We are informal and practical, so our gatherings are relaxed yet intentional.

— We like to have fun and share food.

— We value prayer because we want to grow in hearing from God and connecting with him. 

What happens at a gathering?

Our gatherings usually open with an opening reading and a song that point us to Jesus. We do a weekly spotlight and someone will read from the Bible before we move into the teaching.

The teaching is about 30-minutes, based on the Bible and relevant for everyday life. After the teaching there is an opportunity for response that involves several songs, communion, and the opportunity to receive prayer. Following the teaching we share a few comments about what is happening in our community. The gathering usually wraps up around 11:15.

Whether you’re spiritually curious, doubting, questioning or a long-time follower of Jesus — everyone is welcome to participate with our Sunday gathering! Come as you are.

We’d love for you to join us before and after the gathering so we can get to know you!