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We are thankful to continue to gather in person & online at 10am.

We will be required to wear masks for the entire gathering. (See more info below). If you are feeling sick, or simply a bit hesitant to gather in person this week, feel free to join us on zoom at 10am here this Sunday. See more details here about the livestream.

Important COVID Information, updated as of January 22, 2022:

As of November 30, 2021 the B.C. Government implemented COVID restrictions for all religious gatherings. Amidst these frustrating new restrictions, we are thankful that we can still gather and celebrate that Jesus is our hope and salvation.  We are adhering to the following rules set out by the province:

  • Masks are required for those age 5 and up for the whole gathering (including singing)
  • masks can be only taken off for preaching, readers, leading singing or "ceremonial eating" (ie. communion)
  • 50% capacity of the main gathering space (this isn't of concern as our capacity is over 180)

In addition:

  • we will have hand santizer available
  • Please be considerate about giving people space before running in for a hug as people have different levels of comfort, especially as we now gather inside.

Kids: There will be a kids program for 6 months old -Grade 5(ish), during the whole gathering. For CityLights Kids in the Lower Level:

  • CityLights Kids is planning our COVID safety protocols in line with public schools.
  • Masks will be required for the CityLights Kids Team and any adults (parents) entering the space. 
  • Masks are required for kids age 5 and older 
  • We will continue our cleaning and disinfecting protocols, including offering hand sanitizer throughout the program

*NOTE: if you have confusion or concern around these new guidelines, feel free to contact Pastor Paul or one of the other staff. We do understand these aren't easy times, but do want to emphasize safety, not fear, as we gather with people of all beliefs & backgrounds.