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Steps to connect

Steps to connect

These are your next steps to get connected with CityLights Church…

Joining a community really boils down to building relationships and there are various ways for that to occur…but we have developed three clear steps that you can take as you connect, engage, and commit to CityLights Church. Find out when the next Step is happening and RSVP…

Step One: An invitation to experience CityLights

A 20-minute session after the gathering that happens monthly. Each month we offer a brief 20-minute class after the gathering to help newcomers experience CityLights.  You will hear some of our history, be introduced to our hope and vision, meet some leaders, and learn about ways to connect further. Step One is open to anyone, no commitment is necessary.

Step Two: Engaging with CityLights

A CityLights foundations seminar that happens quarterly. Step Two is for those who want to engage with our church and learn about your place in Jesus’ kingdom.  You will learn about spiritual gifts and have a chance to do a spiritual gifts inventory to discover your gifts.  This foundational seminar will cover CityLights basics: practices of Jesus-followers, how we approach heart change, our identity, and our vehicles for community and disciple-making.  If you want to engage and begin to put down roots with our church then this is for you!

Step Three: Foundations of a disciple-making community

An introduction to CityLights partnership that happens bi-annually. Step Three goes deeper into how we live and share life together as a church family. We will discuss how we define discipleship, assess leaders, and hope to multiply disciples. This seminar is also your introduction to CityLights Partnership. Once you have participated, you can choose to formally commit to our church family and become a partner (some churches call this membership). Partnership is the necessary step for those who are interested in leadership.

Are you ready to take the next step?