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Serving Opportunities

Serving Opportunities

We believe Jesus was the king that humbled himself to serve others and that we find life in following his example.  Wherever you are at, you are invited to serve!

Our Sunday Serving Teams have a range of responsiblities. Each teams arrives with enough time to prepare their area and then gather at 9:35am to pray and regroup before the gathering at 10am. Joining a Serving Team is a great way to get connected! CLICK HERE to sign-up for a test drive with one of these Serving Teams...


The Setup Team is a great, simple way to start serving!  This team helps set up chairs and signs to ensure that our building is presentable and inviting.  Time: 30 minutes before prayer.


The Host team is often the first hello for people coming to the gathering. Their role is to greet and connect with people to make them feel welcome.  Time: 15 minutes before prayer.


The goal of the CityLights Kids Team is for kids to have fun in a safe environment where they can grow in knowledge and understanding about Jesus in an age-appropriate way. There are serving opportunities for kids from 6 months to 10 years old.   There is an application process for this team. Time: 35 minutes before prayer.


The Eat team helps create a welcoming environment through food. They brew coffee, prepare treats and set-up communion. Time: 30-45 minutes before prayer.


The Media Team is responsible for the visual aspects of our gathering. They help rotate slides and play videos.  Time: 30 minutes before prayer.


CityLights Music is responsible for leading and facilitating sound and music on Sunday mornings and includes both the band and a sound technician.  There is an application process for this team. Time: Practice at 8:30am on Sunday, and usually a midweek practice also.