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We are glad that you are exploring becoming a kingdom partner with us!

Below we speak to a few key questions related to Partnership.

See this video for a general introduction:

Partnership is similar to our version of membership. It’s built off the biblical word “fellowship” which refers to working together for a shared purpose and vision.  That’s what Paul has in mind when he speaks to the Philippians of their “partnership in the gospel” (Phil. 1:3).

For disciples of Jesus who are committing to apprentice in the ways of Jesus, partnership is a commitment to each other.  To support each other.  We like this quote by Pastor Jon Tyson who states with conviction: “a christian community is a web of stubbornly loyal relationships, knotted together in a living network of persons, in a complex and challenging cultural setting, who are committed to practicing the way of Jesus together for the renewal of the world.”  Read that again.  That’s an inspiring picture of partnership together.  

Partners are committed to relationship, they serve, they give, they are not just watching the game but are on the team so-to-speak.

Is CityLights Partnership for me?

If you are wanting to be “a part of CityLights” and actively participate in the life of our church and follow Jesus with us then Partnership could be for you.  

  • Do you want to know - know Jesus more and follow him?
  • Do you want to grow - grow with us, and be a part of this church family.
  • Do you want to go - go and make Jesus known in everyday life in the power of the Holy Spirit?

Maybe you have hesitations or questions. That’s normal. But if you think the answer to those questions is “yes” then you should explore partnership further.

How do I become a partner? 

  1. Read our manifesto and see if you resonate with our values and ministry approach.
  2. Participate in the Foundations Learning Cohort. 
  3. Participate in the next Partnership Primer class, which consists of online work.  This will give you more info and then you can attend the Partnership Rally (moved to Feb. 26 at 3:05pm) and decide if you want to become a Partner.

The next round of Partnership will be in late spring.

Note: By going through the material & class, you can decide after if you want to join as a Partner. Contact Pastor Paul if you have any questions.