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 Are you unable to join us on Sunday mornings because of work, family, or a schedule conflict? We don't want you to miss out!

Join us on Zoom (not Youtube). See this webpage for more details of the online gatheirng info.

Why would we make this switch? Isn't Youtube working well? The key reason to switch to Zoom, is that Zoom has an expectation that there will be interaction between those watching. Youtube creates a "viewer" expectation versus a participant. We do hope, ideally people will choose to gather with us in person but realize sometimes that doesn't we will still provide the gathering live at 10am.

What does this mean?

  • there will be a "presenter view" and so the focus will be on what's going on during the gathering
  • you are invited to share your name & video so others can see you participating
  • there will be periodic "breakout/or discussion times" for those in person (& online on zoom) to discuss together the topic being shared
  • Because the music will be unplugged, the quality of recording won't be as great, so once the gathering is complete (around 11:30am) it will not be online in entirety. We do aim to upload the sermon by Monday night. (We realize this may alter some of the viewing time preferences, but we are wrestling with the tension of what looks/sounds good on camera vs. desiring people to gather in person or online at 10am). Note: this December switch is a trial, and feel free to share feedback directly with me, Paul, via email of how this is being received. 
  • as we switch to the Zoom platform, we won't be displaying the lyrics on screen for the livestream. Instead we will be using a handout that can be downloaded here. In person, we will also receive a handout as our chairs will be in more of a semi-circle.

We look forward to seeing you online or in-person and connecting with each other & God.