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Missional Communities

What are Missional Communities?

 ... a community w/ a mission (a sent focus together to participate in Jesus’ mission). 

A mid-sized, disciple-making community with a shared mission to serve others and make Jesus known together.  Growing together in knowing Jesus (community) and going together in sharing Jesus (mission).

We have vehicles that help move and mature us as apprentices of Jesus who live out our identity (Jesus-centered Family of Sent Servants) and participate in Jesus’ mission (multiplying disciples who make Jesus known in everyday life).  MC’s w/ the interconnected d-groups are the primary vehicle of CityLights.

We currently have 5 Missional Communities that meet in Vancouver & Burnaby.

How to get involved?  Participate in:

  1. Welcome Class.  
  2. Foundations Learning Cohort
  3. Talk to an Overseer and Engage with a Missional Community

Talk to Pastor Brett for more info.