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Micro Gatherings

On Sunday June 19 & 26, we will be meeting in homes & parks throughout Burnaby & Vancouver to have Micro Gatherings with Missional Communities.

On these two Sundays, there will be the expected elements of gathering as the larger church, such as prayer, encouragement, reading the Bible, hearing a message and communion (maybe some singing also). In this smaller setting we will be focussing on being Gospel fluent - wanting to know the gospel (the good news of Jesus) and how this applies to every part of our life.

Why meet in homes: We are wanting to emphasize the importance of growing as disciples in community. The Church gathering on Sunday, is made up of multiple Missional Communities. Therefore, there won't be a gathering at the building (the Center) on those Sundays.

We are forming Missional Communities and invite you to be part of one. These are spiritual families on mission together. Since these are just forming, if you haven't been invited to one, sign up and we will let you know which one you can join on June 23. With the desire to meet in person, please sign up for these gatherings.This is a helpful reminder that church is not something we attend and simply receive but it is about us participating together as the people of God.

Please sign up HERE, so those hosting know who is coming. (Please sign up by the Wednesday at Noon before the Sunday (ie. by June 22) so we can help everyone find a place to meet). 

Also, if you don't know where you should go on that Sunday, we will email you a location of where there is a group meeting close to you. If you have further questions, email Pastor Paul