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Update about the Livestream:

Because of a few key reasons, Sunday, May 29 will be the last livestream. We want to build a deeper sense of relationship and buy-in to the vision of growing as disciples of Jesus; therefore, we invite you to come to the gathering in person. The livestream has served us well during the pandemic, but in our Living Room Sessions on Sunday, it's much more condusive to gathering & participating in person. If you have questions about this switch, please reach out to Pastor Brett or Pastor Paul. 

You can go to our Youtube channel to look at our previous Gatherings & messages to hear more about the message of Jesus and some recent messages.

How can I give?

Check out our online giving options, including PayPal. Set-up Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) with a digital form or downloadable form or on the Planning Center/Church Center app or webpage.


Feel free to email Paul before Sunday morning if you have questions or would like more information!

To view information about our in-person site click here