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Sharing life & bringing life.

Our Life Communities have gone virtual...

With the breakout of the COVID-19 virus, community matters more than ever. During this time all of our Life Communities are connecting regularly online via Zoom.

How do I join a Life Community?

Do you know which Life Community you want to connect with? Click here to join the group and find out about upcoming events. Not sure which Life Community you should join? Feel free to contact the LC leader to find out more...

Trilogy LC is based in East Vancouver. Contact Brendyn.

Ethos LC is based in East Vancouver. Contact Wayne.

Agape LC is based in South Burnaby. Contact Kathryn.

The Izas are starting a new LC based in Surrey. Contact Patricia.

What is a Life Community?

What we do stems from our identity as a Jesus-centered family of sent servants. Life Communities are the primary way we live out our identity by sharing life as a Jesus-centred family and bringing life to others as sent servants.

Life Communities are mid-sized groups of 12-35 people who share life and bring life.They are outward-focused communities who share food, have fun, and serve others. Each LC has a missional focus and unique rhythm for how they live as a family of sent servants.

What does a Life Community do?

Life Communities enjoy sharing food, hanging out, inviting others into community, praying, celebrating and more. Life Community is not a meeting or event to attend, but a sent family to participate with. Life Community is not a Bible study, though the Bible may be studied. Life Community is not a small group or a care group, though it may be smaller and people do care for each other. 

The goal of a Life Community is to bring life and share life, so each LC chooses a people that they intend to serve with the hope of showing and sharing the love of Jesus and making things better. This may be a neighbourhood, a people group, or a subculture of the city.