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Welcome! CityLights Church wants to partner with families in helping kids grow as disciples of Jesus.

If you are a Christian or curious about faith, you and your kids are welcome! The teachings of Jesus are beneficial to all. Jesus’ life and message is one of inclusion, value and peace. We hope your kids feel welcome and a part of CityLights Kids!



Genesis 1:1, "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth"


Kid's Zoom! Sundays 9:35 - 9:50am
All ages welcome.
Be ready for connection, fun and monthly Bible verse review! | passcode: kids



Families are welcome to join our in-person gatherings! Please be aware that registration is required (CLICK HERE TO REGISTER).  Families will have the opportunity to sit together as there is not a formal kids program.  Please bring activities from home to partner with the activities we have available. 

Family Room If you're not sure your kids will last the hour but desire to join in person, this room is set up for you!  Located on the lower level, the family room is set up with a slide, play mat, art activties, books and toys. For parents, there is a TV streaming the gathering.  Everything in the room is cleaned after use.  Please Note:  1 family per week may use this room.  As need arises we are open to creating more family spaces.



If you are joining the gathering online we invite you to check out Right Now Media. This is a free gift to resource your family.  There are lots of kids programs available!  



Please download and print this bookmark designed for our kids!  Add your name the top shelf and keep track of the verses we learn together on the book spines!  Enjoy!

Verse Tracker

For more information, prayer or support email