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Do I have to be a Christian to come?

Do I have to be a Christian to come?

Come as you are. This is a community of the messy and imperfect.

We started CityLights with the desire to welcome people who are curious about Jesus into community so we can journey together. Seekers, skeptics, and the "non-religious" are welcome!

There are a mix of people that gather with CityLights — some have followed Jesus for years and others are exploring Jesus for the first time.

We follow Jesus diligently and believe the Bible is our authority, but you don't have to. We believe that Jesus is alive and all-powerful and that he can handle any doubts, fears, or concerns we bring. You don't need to conform, change, or convert to come.

We desire for you to know Jesus, but we will not pressure you. You are invited to journey with us.