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What is Life Community all about?

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What is the heart of Life Communities?

Our heart as a church is to be a Jesus-centred, family of sent servants and one of the best ways we believe this is lived out is through Life Communities. It is in Life Communities that we see a mid-sized group of people grow in their knowledge of Jesus, (Jesus-centred) as they grow in relationships with one another (family) while serving their neighbourhoods and communities (Sent Servants). Each Life Community is unique in the way that they walk out this identity but this is essential for all our Life Communities. For more information about Life Communities in general click here


How do I connect with a Life Community?

Each Life Community has different Rhythms and meets on different nights. We have three different Life Communities that you can connect with that all meet on the 1st and 3rd weeks of the month. Our three Life Communities are:

Antioch (Fridays in North Burnaby)

For more information contact Brett at 

Pneuma (Thursdays in South Burnaby/East Van)

For more information contact Nouver at

Brand New LC (Wednesdays in North Burnaby/East Van)

This new LC will be launching in September and be lead by the Sharps. If you have the heart to start something new this may be the LC for you. For more information contact Brenden at 


All the LC events can also be view on our events page by clicking here.