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Soul Detox

Soul Detox

We are made in the image of God, designed on purpose for a purpose. We are created by love and are created to love God, each other, and the world.  We are created for life abundant.  We want life abundant.

Yet, we rarely find ourselves flourishing with love, rest, adventure, and peace.  Instead, we often scramble through activities, bandaid exhaustion, distract from anxieties, retreat into isolation and yet are tired of our loneliness.  Why, when we slow down, does it seem that our souls are so weary? 

John Mark Comer says, “the things that we do, do something to us.”  We are being formed, or we could say deformed by the rhythms of our lives and the ways of the world.  The river of life has a downstream current and we are moving in a direction without even knowing it.  Deformation from our intended purpose is occurring daily. A spiritual war is occurring and Jesus calls us upstream, he calls us to a counter-cultural, loving, winsome resistance.  He provides us with rhythms that help reform our weary souls.  

We are formed by the message that we exist to fulfill ourselves and yet in the seeking of this fulfilment we seem to be losing ourselves.  We are hurried, distracted, anxious, and weary.  How did we get here? 

The things we do, do something to us.  

Let’s try some new rhythms together.  Let’s experience some soul detox, some holy resistance, some re-formation of who we are made to be. We will discuss and put into action five rhythms of reformation:

prayer: resisting hurry

fasting: resisting apathy

sabbath: resisting weariness

hospitality: resisting isolation

sacrifice: resisting fear

In January 2022 during our Sunday gatherings, we will start a new series, called "Soul Detox." Download the calendar to see a daily reading plan and the rhythm we will cover each week. Join us for this engaging & refreshing series.Jan 2022 Soul Detox Calendar