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Radical Life Radical Legacy Mini-Series

Radical Life Radical Legacy

"where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

- Jesus, Matthew 6:21


How can we flourish financially and spiritually?  What does God instruct us to do so that we can have hope and health?  What are practical steps we can take?  We will look at these questions and more. Money is central to our life and unfortunately also to our identity and our hope.  Jesus knows this and so he talks a lot about money and how we view our resources and it benefits us to pay attention.  

Our heart in this series is to be equipped to live out Jesus' perspective on money, life and legacy while on Jesus' mission in one of the most expensive cities. Here are some practical ways that you can engage in the series. 

1. Life Community discussion nights in March.  

LC's will be watching videos from Dave Ramsey and discussing how to get out of debt, make a plan, and the #1 money myth. The LC discussions will take place on 

  • Trilogy: March 5 & 19
  • New LC: March 6 & 20
  • Pneuma: March 7 & 21
  • Antioch: March 8 & 22

For a full list of events and details click here.

2. Sunday teachings 

We will continue in Luke with our Radical Jesus series but we are having a mini-series within Luke. This will include videos and live teaching. Here is a sample of some of the content. 

3. Resources.  

Some resources are below but if you need coaching w/ budgeting, finding an advisor, or understanding biblical guidelines please let a leader know.

i. Worksheets (note these are from Dave Ramsey & have some American language)