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Preparing For Growth

Making Jesus Known - Together.  2019 Pledge Form.
As we make budget decisions and proceed with a perspective of faith and growth, we are all being invited to complete a Pledge Form for 2019. Even if you are already tithing or won't be changing your giving, please fill out the form before Easter so we can make planning decisions as we are currently running a deficit of approx. $44,000. 

Information on the 2019 Pledge Form.

Hopefully following our Life & Legacy series we are all budgeting and making our
personal financial plans and a part of that is giving. The Pledge Form is focused on
two areas:

1. CityLights Mission & Ministry.  This is our primary fund which supports all
our ministry, outreach, benevolence, staff, etc.  10% of what is given we then give
away to our Global Generosity Partners.  Please choose the percentage that you will give and make a pledge. You are invited to consider the 10% tithe as a guide.  We
estimate, that if the majority of our church tithed that we would have no deficit and
would be able to increase our global generosity. 

2. 2019 Grow Fund.  This is a temporary fund with a goal of $45,000 that addresses
our current deficit.  This fund goes towards 4 areas: 

i. Gathering space upgrades: increased A/C & sound equipment.  

ii. Desiree's role as a Kids Intern: we have hired Desiree but her wage is currently coming out of our contingency.  

iii. Jamie's role increasing: Jamie is looking for part-time work and we would love to
see her be part-time with CityLights to give increased focus and leadership to the
Sunday Gatherings.  We value Jamie!  

iv. Brenden's role: Brenden is a deacon with
CityLights and is also being trained as a future church multiplier.  Brenden is
personally fundraising and we have made a monthly commitment to Brenden. In order
to be able to have this fit in our budget we need to see an increase. 

All of these areas speak of life, growth, and future kingdom impact.  We want to grow!  We are praying that we will not have a deficit of $45,000 in 2019 and we invite you to give a pledge to these specific areas. If you see the need and value these areas and leaders then please prayerfully consider a pledge for 2019. 

Global Generosity Partners

For those who want to give consistently to our Global Generosity Partners (GGP)
please fill out a PAD (pre-authorized debit) form.