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Living Room Sessions


Living Room Sessions:

This is a season of adjustments. Much has occurred since Covid began in March 2020 and in many ways this is a new season for CityLights.  Living Room Sessions are a part of our adjustments and we will give it a try starting Dec. 5th, 2021. We will continue Dec. 12 & 19th. (the 24th will be a more "traditional" candelight service)

Many things aren't changing:  our mission, heart, emphasis on everyday discipleship, commitment to love each other, emphasis on the Word, prayer and gospel-fluency.  Some things are changing: we are going to simplify Sunday Gatherings, unplug, and change the seating to feel more connected with a livingroom vibe. We will include more dialogue and interaction with the teaching. We are calling this Living Room Sessions.  It is an experiment with the focus on active participation.

We are intentionally not trying to simply "do" church but to invite you to "be" the church with us. To actively engage and participate. This is a season of culture clarification, developing a core for our church, and equipping leaders for the call before us. We can't and aren't going to try to compete with the entertainment opportunities of our city.  We aren't trying to organize a show or invite people to come and spectate or be impressed by good music or preaching.  We are going to de-emphasize the stage and rows and arrange things differently for interaction and participation. Seating will be in a semi-circle with rows that allow more connection. We want to invite you to experience Jesus amidst simplicity, to connect in genuine community, to be a part of our church family.  Come apprentice in the ways of Jesus with us.

In a living room, it isn't about watching people but being with people.  That's what we are after. Come and be with us and with Christ. Many lives were transformed by Jesus in living rooms.  We hope that can continue with us.  Join us for Living Room Sessions

Let me say this: our vision and conviction is white hot.  Our city's need for community and for the gospel is as great as ever.  This is the time for us to lean in, participate, and engage.  This is a time for us to BE the church together. To grow in being a Jesus-centered family of sent servants.  This is a time when people need light and life that is truly found in Jesus.  We get to make him known together. We get to disciples who make disciples.  We get to participate in the greatest purpose that exists: God's.  We get to bring life and light. We get to be city lights.  Let's go!

Pastor Brett