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Can Easter be as big as Christmas?

Easter is the biggest weekend of the year for Jesus-Followers — even more important than Christmas. Here is some information on what's happening and how to prepare...

Dates to Note:

Thursday April 9: Prayer Experience 8 - 9pm & Corporate Fast from 12:30pm Thursday to 12:30pm Friday. In preparation for Easter Weekend, we invite you to join us in fasting on Maundy Thursday as we head into the evening prayer experience.

Friday April 10: Good Friday Experience from 11 - 12:15pm. We invite you to prepare your heart, wear black, and plan to have a simple and reflective day.

Easter Sunday April 12: Resurrection Sunday Celebration Gathering at 10am. Plan to celebrate this day, invite friends, share a fun meal afterwards and rejoice! Our Online Prayer Room will be open from 9-9:30am.

Lent is the 40 days leading up to Easter Sunday. Want to learn more about Lent? See this short article on a gospel-saturated, penance-free Lent season.

A Note From Pastor Brett on Lent, Good Friday, and Easter. 

I grew up going to church events but I didn't participate in Lent and I don't have many memories of Good Friday being particularly impactful. As a child, Easter was never as exciting as Christmas. Christmas was full of anticipation and expectation. There is music, decorations, food, gifts. Christmas is special because it is a season. 

I believe it is important for Christians to recognize the importance of the Easter season. There is great benefit in us intentionally preparing and posturing ourselves leading up to Easter. I think it's important for Jesus-followers to not just treat Easter like an extended long weekend to travel. Easter is the biggest event in the Christian calendar. It's momentous. Sacred. Transformational. We want to feel that. Feel the joy of the resurrection. 

How can you help make Easter more impactful? How does it become a season that includes anticipation? How can we posture ourselves to feel the joy of celebrating resurrection life? I believe Lent and Good Friday are helpful.

My first time participating in Lent I gave up chips. I love chips. But the journey of week by week denying myself this luxury constantly reminded me of sacrifice and led my thoughts to the sacrifice of Jesus. I found myself reflecting on the cross for weeks. I fasted leading up to Good Friday and wore black on that day and allowed myself to look into the darkness of sin. I read the crucifixion story in my quiet time. I was preparing and anticipating. Then on Easter Sunday, the joy of resurrection felt more real.

The feast with friends on Easter contrasted with the fast of Good Friday.

My favourite clothes on Easter Sunday contrasted the black I wore on Good Friday.

Eating chips felt like a taste of resurrection, like tasting grace. 

What does it look like for you to participate in Easter from a place of intentional faith What can you do to prepare yourself for Easter and resurrection? Can you give up something for Lent, engage in the Maundy Thursday Prayer Experience and or the corporate fast? Plan a feast on Easter and open the doors wide. What about inviting friends to Easter Sunday? Whenever I do that, I am reminded of why I am being bold and intentional — because Jesus is actually alive. That's right. He is alive. And He is worth celebrating.