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How To Engage With Alpha?

Alpha Feature

Throughout life, we are bombarded with questions. These can be simple questions such as where am going to eat? Or what am I going to wear? We can spend much of our time thinking through small questions, yet we lack time to wrestle through the larger questions of life, such as What is the meaning of life? Is there a god and if so what would be the implications for my life. These questions are the reason Alpha exists. Alpha is a coursed designed to give space to wrestle through the larger questions of life and faith. 


What Can I Expect If I Joined Alpha?

Alpha is a seven-week course happening on Sunday evenings at 6:00pm. There are three crucial elements to every Alpha Course 

  1. Food. All Alpha courses involve sharing a meal. One of the best ways to connect with people as we walk through life's biggest questions is simply by sharing food. Each week Dinner will be provided.
  2. Film. Each week there will be a video that walks through a different topic from a Christian perspective. Some of these include: What is the meaning of life? Who is Jesus? Can I trust the Bible?
  3. Discussion. Following the video, we will go into a discussion around a table talking about the topic presented in the video. This is an opportunity to share your thoughts on the video in a nonjudgmental space. There is also no obligation to say anything, but it is an excellent opportunity to learn from each other's perspectives. 

How Can I Engage In Alpha? 

There a three ways that you can engage in the Alpha course: 

  1. Register and test drive the launch night. On September 15th at 6:00pm we are having our launch night. This is an excellent opportunity to take in the first session and to get a feel for what the Alpha course is like. Click Here for event details and to register.
  2. Serve with Alpha. The Trilogy Life Community is spearheading the Alpha course. Trilogy is looking for people to help serve in areas of setup, cleanup, cooking meals and table facilitating. If you are interested, please email Brenden
  3. Invite friends. Alpha is always better when we get to do it with others. Whether this is family, friends or co-workers, we get the opportunity to invite people into a conversation. 

Are you ready to join the conversation that is taking place all around the world? You are invited to explore the questions of God, faith and spirituality. Are you in? Click here to see more about Alpha.