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Consecrated: January Prayer Emphasis

con·​se·​crate: dedicated to a sacred purpose


“Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do wonders among you.”  - Joshua 3:5





The New Year is a time of evaluation, fresh starts, and new habits.  We believe that the most important relationship in our life is with our Heavenly Father. Actually, this relationship impacts all of our other relationships.  The most important habit we can form is the habit of interacting with God. He is both the source and way to life. Separated from him we can do nothing (John 15). 

What holds you back from consecrating and devoting yourself to knowing God more?  This month is an invitation for us to overcome these obstacles and step towards God together.  This will take action, courage, and commitment. It will take some dedication - but the best things of life do.  So let’s say “yes” to the best this January. 

Here is the reality, consecration involves saying “yes” which, involves saying “no.”  If we devote and consecrate this time to say “yes” to knowing Jesus then we must also say “no” to other things.  This means adjustment and prioritization - you will have to put in some effort. As you contemplate the effort you want to put in, consider this: our efforts always pale in comparison to God’s.  Whatever you devote towards God - he is more devoted towards you. Whatever your level of pursuit - he has, and is, pursuing more. Whatever your level of denial - he has denied more.  

All of our love is in response to his love.  He invites us to receive and respond. 

We aren’t trying to earn his attention, we have it.  We aren’t trying to achieve his love, it is ours to receive.  We are choosing to devote and consecrate ourselves in response to his devotion to us.  To consecrate is to devote as sacred - it is to dedicate. This is our response together, to devote ourselves to the sacred purposes of God, to dedicate our hearts afresh to Jesus who is worthy of all.  


How do I engage?


During the month of January, there are four easy ways to engage 

  1. Bible reading plan for the month of January
  2. Activating Discipleship Nights: Step Three (Four Mondays)
  3. Participate in the Week of Prayer Experiences Jan 12-17!
  4. Freedom Retreat on Jan 24-25.


For more information about the events, reading plan and Activating Discipleship download the guide.