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Join CityLights from January 8 to 25 for 18 days of prayer for 2018.

Come close to God, and God will come close to you.  James 4:8

As we start 2018, we are choosing to renew our commitment to being Jesus-centered and asking that God revive our hearts afresh for his purposes and presence.

Download the Renew & Revive guide HERE for more details.


1. Daily SHAPE & Bible reading plan. See the Bible reading plan and SHAPE introduction in the Renew & Revive guide.

2. Prayer Experiences. We want to practice prayer and grow as a people of prayer together. See the Renew & Revive guide or check out our upcoming events for details.

3. One Day (Food) Fast on January 17. As a church, we want to dedicate these days to seeking God as we participate in the wonderful but challenging practice of fasting. See Appendix B in the guide for more information on fasting.

4. Abstain from TV & Movies and/or Social Media for the 18 days. For these eighteen days, we want to refocus and renew our loyalty and devote ourselves with intensity and intentionality. One way we can do this is by abstaining from TV and social media, removing our usual distractions and our ways of soothing or relaxing apart from Jesus.